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Guy Curry

Guy Curry

Corporate Commercial Lawyer

Guy worked initially as a commercial lawyer for a group of major food companies in London. He then moved to Exeter to study for a Masters degree in European and International Law. Later he joined a large business law firm in Exeter where he was a partner for many years.

Guy has forty years experience as a trusted advisor.

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01823 479 117

07885 643 234

Guy has built a strong practice over the years advising on sales, acquisitions and mergers and general commercial work for business clients. He has acted as a director and/or chairman for a number of companies in the business world offering practical commercial nous and common sense. He is fascinated by modern technology and what can be done by its aid and the prospects it brings.

Guy has continued to work because he enjoys it, is valued by his clients and he believes he still has much to offer as a trusted legal adviser.

Outside the law, Guy has been heavily involved in the world of cricket and in particular with MCC and with Devon Cricket. He served for many years on various MCC Committees and is a former Chair of the David Shepherd Cricket Trust.

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